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Best Gift Ideas for 2017-2018

Sous-vide is a method of cooking in which food is vacuum-sealed in a plastic pouch and then placed in a water bath or steam environment for longer than normal cooking times at an accurately regulated temperature much lower than normally used for cooking (typically around 55 to 60 °C (131 to 140 °F) for meat, higher for vegetables). The intent is to cook the item evenly, ensuring that the inside is properly cooked without overcooking the outside, and to retain moisture. This method is used in many exclusive restaurants where they want each piece of meat to cook exactly the way they want every time. There is a various selection available on Amazon.


Scratch off Travel Map is great for world travelers to showcase the countries they visited in a very nice way. Whenever you have visited a country, scratch off the gold foil on top of that country to reveal the beautifully colored landscape underneath. The map also has country flags underneath that are also scratch off. It looks cool to so it can simply be framed and used as wall art. I bought one myself and it gave me a pretty good idea of how little of the world I have visited, kind of got motivated to travel so I can scratch off more areas. These come in various sizes and can be purchased on Amazon.


Voice art canvas prints are a unique way to create personalized artwork using voices or other sounds. They can convert any recording into a beautiful masterpiece, designed by you, this could be saying “I love you” or any message important to you, these sounds convert into waives that are printed into a beautiful wall art.  This can be done with rings and it available from Voice Art Gallery.


The Belt Organizer is a unique storage container and display that not only organizes and saves space, it also showcases your favorite designer brand accessories. It was designed for belts but has a wide use beyond it, like watches case, jewelry and make up organizer, electronics like phone chargers, headphones, batteries, memory cards etc. This product is very versatile so it can be used inside your closet, on top of your dresser, it can even be wall mounted. If you know someone who has branded accessories then this is a perfect gift for him and can be purchased from ELYPRO or Amazon.

Belt Organizers


Wine System lets you enjoy your favorite wine by glass without ever pulling the cork. I has a needle that breaks thru cork and sucks the wine out, once done you can just pull it out and the cork reseals itself. Great gift for those wine lovers with expensive taste. Available on Amazon.


Damascus Steel Knives – The appeal of Damascus steel knives extends beyond the beautifully decorated blades to their amazing strength and razor-sharp edges. The reputation and flair of Damascus knives stretches back over 17 centuries to legends of Damascus blades cutting through a rifle barrel and slicing a strand of hair in two. The modern technique of creating Damascus steel involves forging together multiple layers of steel to create a strong and remarkable blade. You can spice up your knife by opting for the distinctive markings of Damascus steel. Assortment of Damascus knives includes everything from kitchen cutlery and pocket knives to Bowie knives. There is a variety of these knives available on Amazon.


Personalized whiskey barrel is a cool gift for liqueur lovers. You can personalize writings on the barrel and chose a liqueur per your choice. Barrels are usually made of oak and vendor recommends to age it at least 5-7 days before first use. It is available from Uncommon Goods , there are also other options available on Amazon.


Instant Mini Camera is a Polaroid like camera made by Fujifilm that makes photos instantly. This camera makes pocket size photos that you can keep in your valet. It comes in different valet so you can use it as a present to both man and woman. Available at Amazon.


Thermal Imager – Built for the realities of work and play, the Seek Reveal handheld thermal imager combines powerful thermal insight and a high-performance light in one durable device. With a detectable range of -40 to 626 degree Fahrenheit, this device lets you pinpoint specific sources of heat-and heat loss-up to 500 feet away, all at just the touch of a button. Whether you’re a plumber searching for a clog, an electrician checking for a hotspot, a hunter tracking game, or a homeowner looking for peace of mind, Reveal delivers the insight and illumination you need to find, fix, and feel safe faster. Available on Amazon.


Genii Belts are new and unique fashionable belts that were elegantly designed from a cutout gear. If you’re looking for a unique fashion piece then this is a great choice. It comes in different finishes of choice as well as the leather design and color of choice. Genii belts are available from ELYPRO.

Happy gifting everyone!